New Delhi: Securing a job at a tech giant is no cakewalk, and the same goes for the dream of working at Google which attracts hopefuls worldwide. Despite the challenges, people everywhere are eager to join these prestigious companies. A software engineer spoke with Business Insider about how he got a job offer from Google after going through eight interviews. 

Faced rejection from Google Twice

In an interview with Business Insider, Sahil Gaba disclosed that he faced rejection from Google twice and eventually reached a point where he stopped worrying about the outcomes of interviews. “In a way, its quite liberating when you go with a mindset that you’ve seen it all” he mentioned to the publication. (Also Read: How To Transfer WhatsApp Chat Backup From Android To iPhone? Here’s Step-By-Step Guide)

Went through eight interviews

According to the report, Gaba went through eight interview rounds before receiving an offer in 2021. This marked his third attempt at landing the job. Gaba also shared his insights on interviewing for major tech firms based on his experience. He mentioned that interviewing while currently employed alleviates a significant amount of pressure. (Also Read: CCI Orders Investigation Into Google’s App Store Billing Practices)

His journey at Amazon

While reflecting on his own journey Gaba remembered feeling content while working at Amazon. Therefore, when he went for his third Google interview, he didn’t feel overly stressed. However, during his second attempt at applying to Google, Gaba was eager to leave his current job.

Acquiring negotiation power

During his third set of interviews with Google, Gaba shared that he purposefully scheduled his appointments to coincide with those at Meta and Uber. He believed that this timing could give him a small edge during salary discussions with all three companies. Looking back on his strategy, he admitted that it helped to ensure a fair and productive negotiation experience with each employer.

Relied on Referrals

Gaba mentioned that he heavily depended on referrals to apply for jobs in big tech companies. However, when he reached a point where he had contacted everyone he knew and still hadn’t gotten a job, he began applying directly through the companies’ job websites. For instance, when he applied to Amazon, he didn’t just apply for one position, but for 10 or 15 positions all on the same day.