New Delhi: Renowned tech billionaire Elon Musk has made headlines once again, this time with his announcement to discontinue the use of his phone number in favor of relying solely on the social media platform X for messaging, audio, and video calls.

“In a few months, I will discontinue my phone number and only use X for texts and audio/video calls,” Musk wrote on X. Musk’s decision is viewed as a way to boost the popularity of X’s audio and video calling functions. These features were first launched in October last year. Since then, Musk has been actively advocating for X to expand into a comprehensive application. (Also Read: Instagram Could Introduce AI-Assisted Messaging For Writing Messages: Report)

In a few months, I will discontinue my phone number and only use X for texts and audio/video calls
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 9, 2024

The app introduced a preliminary version of its audio and video calling feature last year, which was initially accessible to only a few users. Last month, the microblogging platform rolled out the feature to make audio and video calls directly from the app for Android users. (Also Read: Apple Rolls Out Redesigned iCloud App For Windows)

Reacting to Musk’s post, several users shared their thoughts. “Elon in 2027 – I am no longer using my phone to text or for audio visual. I am using my brainwaves and neural flonk link 47.2,” a user wrote.

“Will it be encrypted or will the alphabet agencies be listening,” another user said. One more user mentioned, “Where will you receive OTPs for bank transactions?”. Meanwhile, X has topped Apple’s App Store charts in terms of downloads.

“X is now the #1 most downloaded app of any kind!,” Musk posted.

As Musk continues to push the boundaries of innovation, his decision to embrace X as his primary communication platform underscores the growing influence of social media in shaping the way we connect and communicate in the digital age. (With IANS Inputs)