Rajasthani migrant workers face severe hardships, including exploitative working conditions, low wages, and lack of social security. Away from home, they endure inadequate living conditions and health risks. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated their struggles, highlighting the need for better policies and support systems to ensure their safety and well-being.

Now, a web series is being made on the critical issue, starring popular actor Dharmendra Bilotia, who boasts a massive social media following of 5.4 million fans. Dharmendra Bilotiais is set to take on an impactful role that will explore the migration of workers from Rajasthan to various parts of India, shining a light on the many challenges and injustices they face.

In the series, Bilotia will portray the leader of a labor union. His character will be central to the story, highlighting the harsh realities and exploitation that migrant workers often endure. This role is significant as it will allow Bilotia to bring attention to important social issues through his powerful performance.

The upcoming web series is expected to make a significant impact by telling real-life stories of migrant workers and their struggles. With Bilotia’s strong acting ability and large fan base, the series is likely to resonate deeply with viewers, offering a blend of entertainment and social commentary.