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New Delhi: Cognition, a US-based company, has unveiled Devin and announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence chatbot called Devin. This AI chatbot can write, code, and create using a single prompt.

The company, a startup backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, claims that this AI chatbot is the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer. Unlike other AI counterparts, it stands out because it doesn’t just provide coding suggestions or autocomplete tasks. Moreover, it can take on and complete an entire software project independently.

Cognition calls it a “tireless, skilled teammate” that is “equally ready to build alongside you or independently complete tasks for you to review.” Additionally, the company stated that “with Devin, engineers can focus on more interesting problems, and engineering teams can strive for more ambitious goals.”

Devin sends the code to the user to test out pic.twitter.com/Ko1oTqRXzm

— Cognition (@cognition_labs) March 12, 2024

Described as a “tireless, skilled teammate” by Cognition, Devin stands out for its ability to operate autonomously, offering both collaboration and independent task completion. According to Cognition, Devin empowers engineers to tackle more engaging challenges while enabling engineering teams to pursue ambitious objectives. (Also Read: POCO X6 Neo 5G With 5000mAh Battery Launched In India At Rs 15,999; Check Specs And Other Features)

Notably, the initial access to Devin has been limited, with only a select few having the opportunity to utilize its capabilities. People who’ve tested it say Devin is really good at coding. It’s even better and is exceptional and surpasses even the most advanced LLMs currently available, such as GPT-4 and Gemini. Some folks who tried it early said they could make whole websites and basic games in only 5-10 minutes using Devin.

Today we’re excited to introduce Devin, the first AI software engineer.

Devin is the new state-of-the-art on the SWE-Bench coding benchmark, has successfully passed practical engineering interviews from leading AI companies, and has even completed real jobs on Upwork.

Devin is… pic.twitter.com/ladBicxEat
— Cognition (@cognition_labs) March 12, 2024

In testing, Devin demonstrated remarkable performance, solving 13.86% of open issues on Github, far surpassing other AI-powered assistants like Anthropic’s Claude (4.8%) and GPT-4 (1.8%).

Cognition AI boasts notable investors, including PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, who has injected $22 million into the company. The company’s founders, Scott Wu (CEO), Steven Hao (CTO), and Walden Yan (CPO), have a track record of success in international coding competitions, amassing 10 gold medals in top-tier events since their teenage years. (Also Read: AI Will Be Smarter Than Any Single Human By Next Year, Says Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk)

This AI tool does not come with the intention to replace human engineers, it is designed to work hand-in-hand with them.