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New Delhi: Carl Pei Yu, the CEO of Nothing Phone, known for his innovative approach, has shared a suggestion for Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, regarding opening a factory in India. Pei, who is gearing up to launch the “Nothing Phone 2a” in India next month, proposed that Musk should change his username on the X platform to “Elon Bhai,” to facilitate the establishment of a Tesla factory in the country.

Carl Pie’s Tweet

In a lighthearted tweet directed at Musk, Pei humorously questioned whether Musk had considered the necessity of adopting the moniker “Elon Bhai” to proceed with building a Tesla factory in India. (Also Read: Apple iPhone 15 Pro Gets Rs 38,962 Price Cut: Check Bank And Exchange Offers)

Interestingly, Pei himself has already changed his X username to ‘Carl Bhai’. Pei’s tweet sparked a playful exchange among Twitter users. (Also Read: WATCH: Man Turns Plane Into Luxurious Villa; Viral Video Amazes Anand Mahindra)

.@elonmusk did you really think you could build a Tesla factory in India without changing your username to Elon Bhai?
— Carl Bhai (@getpeid) February 18, 2024

Users Reaction

One user commented, “You are the Bhai, he will be the Mamu,” while another user humorously suggested different titles for Musk based on various Indian states.

You are the Bhai, he will be the Mamu
— Starcommander (@Starcommander10) February 18, 2024

Depends on the location as well ..If Gujarat then Elon Bhai, If Maharashtra then Elon Bhau, If Telangana then Elon Gaaru, If Haryana then Elon Tau, If Punjab then Elon Paaji, If Tamil Nadu then Elon Anna, If West Bengal then Elon Dada

— Parag Mandpe (@ParagMandpe) February 19, 2024

He has to change it to ‘Bun Maska’
— Raghu (@vennelacheekati) February 18, 2024

Can anyone ever speak in front of Carl bhai, carl bhaiiiiii!!!
— Tarun Lochib (@tarunlochib) February 18, 2024

Still better would be:
Elone Maska, i.e. Elone Butter because Maska means butter in Hindi.
So, ईलोन मस्का.
He is welcome though.@elonmusk
— Sunil Mehta (@kalki_007) February 19, 2024

Meanwhile, as per the latest report by The Economic Times, Tesla, under the leadership of Elon Musk, is on the brink of entering the Indian market.

The government is reportedly in the process of finalizing a policy to extend concessional import duties on electric cars priced above Rs 30 lakh for 2-3 years.

Import Duty

India imposes a 100 percent import duty on cars valued at more than Rs 33 lakh and 60 percent for cars below that threshold. Tesla has shown interest in investing up to $2 billion in India, contingent upon the government reducing the import duty of 15 percent on foreign electric vehicles during the initial years of operation.