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New Delhi: Amazon has introduced an app named Amazon One which aims to simplify the process for customers to enroll in their palm recognition service. Rather than visiting a physical store, individuals can now sign up conveniently from home, the workplace, or while on the move using the app.

Currently accessible through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, the app’s initial rollout is exclusive to the United States, encompassing over 500 Whole Foods Market stores, Amazon outlets, and more than 150 third-party locations. (Also Read: PhonePe Launches UPI Payments For Users In UAE; Check Details Here)

Here’s how the Amazon one app works:

1. Download the App: Users can download the Amazon One app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. (Also Read: Beware Of Calls Impersonating DoT, Threatening To Disconnect Mobile Numbers; WhatsApp Calls Starting With +92)

2. Capture Palm Image: Using the app, users take a photo of their palm from home.

3. Create Online Profile: Users create an online profile within the app and add a payment method.

4. Enroll Palm: Amazon verifies the palm image and enrolls it in the system.

5. Usage: Enrolled palms can be used for payments, entry, age verification, and loyalty rewards at various locations.

The company clarifies that all palm images captured through the new app are encrypted and transmitted to a secure Amazon One domain in the AWS cloud. These images cannot be saved or downloaded onto a mobile device. Amazon reports that Amazon One has been utilized over 8 million times.

Besides introducing the app, Amazon has also broadened its palm scanning technology for enterprise identity purposes, allowing companies to verify employees as they arrive at the office.