New Delhi: Amid several tech layoffs, an employee at Amazon alleges that he was terminated from his position after posting a TikTok video where he humorously requested customers to refrain from ordering heavy items as he was tired of lifting them. He is recognized as @thatamazonguyy on TikTok.

According to a report in the New York Post, the first name of the Amazon employee is Kendall and worked for 7 years with the company. He posted a video last week revealing that the ecommerce giant Amazon sacked him because of his complaints. In the video, he said, “Hi guys, I have some bad news. Uh, Amazon done fired my dumb***. Seven long years down the drain just like that”. (Also Read: Samsung Galaxy S24 India Price Announced; Will Manufacture From Noida Factory)

Furthermore, he added, “Long story short, I made a video about four weeks ago where I told people to stop buying heavy items from Amazon because, as an Amazon worker, I’m tired of lifting heavy items.” 

Kendall kept on explaining that while most people thought the clip was funny, however, certain people did not relate to it. “Most people took it as a joke, especially if you work at Amazon, you knew that I was kind of over-exaggerating … but a lot of people were offended by my video,” he said.

He concluded the video mentioning that “If you were offended by that video, I am sorry. I never meant to offend anyone or discriminate against anyone. I just wanted to make a funny video. I’m not just saying that. I already lost my job and am ineligible for rehire, so please forgive me,”. Kendall also said that he worked an extra shift and was given the job of a picker at Amazon warehouse. (Also Read: iPhone 14 available At Just Rs 3,259 In Flipkart Sale, Grab Offer Today!)

Notably. the retail giant Amazon has not commented on the matter.