Abhishek Sharma: Team India’s new hero Abhishek Sharma is in the news these days. He scored 100 runs in 47 balls in the second T20 against Zimbabwe. This is the same Abhishek who considers Yuvraj Singh as his God.

Abhishek Sharma: The Indian cricket team is currently on a tour of Zimbabwe, where it is playing a 5-match T20 series. Through this series, Abhishek Sharma, who showed his flair in IPL 2024, has made his debut in T20 International. Abhishek is considered a long race player. He is a left-handed opener and is known for his explosive batting. He made his intentions clear by scoring a century in the second T20. Abhishek has secured a place in Team India on the basis of hard work. Cricket runs in his colors. He considers a star player of Team India as his God, when Abhishek met his idol for the first time, he said something that after knowing it, you too will not be able to stop yourself from praising him.

Abhishek Sharma’s father Raj Kumar himself has been a first class cricketer. He has revealed that Abhishek was three and a half years old when he started going to the ground to learn cricket. After that Abhishek never looked back. He considers Yuvraj Singh as his God. The father told how he met Yuvraj Singh and what was the conversation between the two when they met for the first time.

How did you first meet?

Raj Kumar Sharma tells that Yuvraj Singh and Abhishek first met in Ranji Trophy. Both were playing for Punjab and were facing each other. Both of them batted together then. At that time Yuvraj had said after the match that he felt that he was batting on the other side. I am playing here and I am playing there too, Abhishek’s batting was clean, he played every shot well, which touched Yuvraj’s heart.

Yuvraj said that I want to give you international level training

The father further told that after that match, Yuvraj Singh came out of the ground and told Abhishek, ‘Abhishek, I want to get you trained at the international level, will you do it?’ Abhishek’s reply was, ‘You are my God, I have grown up watching your matches.’ After this, Yuvraj Singh gave Abhishek a lot of training. Even today, Yuvraj calls Abhishek after the match. It is because of Yuvraj that Abhishek is at this level today.

Who is Abhishek Sharma?

Abhishek Sharma is a left-handed explosive opener. He scores runs at a fast pace. This player got recognition from IPL. Abhishek has shown amazing game for Sunrisers Hyderabad.