In a startling turn of events during the Wellington Test between New Zealand and Australia, Kane Williamson, the captain of the Black Caps, found himself run out for a duck after a mid-pitch collision with his teammate Will Young. The incident unfolded on day two of the match, adding to the woes of the New Zealand side already facing a formidable challenge from the Australian team.

KANE WILLIAMSON IS RUN OUT IN TEST CRICKET FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 12 YEARS…!!! — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) March 1, 2024

The Run Out

Williamson’s dismissal came as a result of a mix-up between him and Young while attempting a quick single. Facing Mitchell Starc’s delivery, Williamson directed the ball towards mid-off and called for the run. However, in the midst of the urgency, a collision between the two batsmen ensued, leading to Williamson’s untimely exit from the crease.

The Fallout

The run-out of Kane Williamson, often considered one of New Zealand’s finest Test cricketers, dealt a significant blow to the Black Caps’ aspirations in the match. The loss of such a key wicket early on further strengthened Australia’s position at the Basin Reserve.


The cricketing fraternity was left in disbelief at the unfortunate turn of events. Commentators expressed astonishment at the calamitous run-out, highlighting the rarity of such incidents at the highest level of the game. Former players from both sides lamented the missed opportunity for Williamson and the detrimental impact on New Zealand’s prospects.

Williamson’s Form

Prior to this setback, Williamson had been in sublime form, particularly on home soil, where he had amassed six Test centuries in the past 18 months. His consistent performances had been pivotal in bolstering New Zealand’s batting lineup, making his early departure all the more disappointing for the home team.

Australia’s Dominance

Meanwhile, Australia capitalized on the momentum gained from Williamson’s dismissal, further tightening their grip on the match. The impressive performance by Cameron Green, coupled with a resilient lower-order partnership, had already propelled Australia to a commanding total of 383 runs in the first innings.