T20 World cup 2024: Scotland defeated Oman by 7 wickets in the 20th match of the group stage in the T20 World Cup. After this defeat, the Oman team is out of the tournament. After this big win of Scotland over Oman, it has now become difficult for the T20 World Cup defending champion England to remain in the tournament. It is in danger of being eliminated from the group stage itself.

Let us tell you that in the Group B match of the tournament, Scotland faced Oman on 9 June. Scotland won this match by 7 wickets with 41 balls remaining. This margin of victory increased its run rate, which has now created problems for defending champion England. Scotland has reached the top of Group B with a run rate of 2.164 in 3 matches. At the same time, Australia is at second place with 2 wins in 2 matches i.e. 4 points. Its run rate is 1.875. Apart from these two teams, the run rate of the remaining three teams in Group B, Namibia, England and Oman, is in minus. In this, Namibia has 2 points in 2 matches. At the same time, England has 1 point in 2 matches. Whereas Oman has lost all its three matches played so far.

England will have to do this to stay in the tournament

In this T20 World Cup jointly hosted by America and West Indies, the 20 teams playing for the first time have been divided into 4 groups and 2 teams from each group will go to the Super-8. In this regard, it seems difficult for England to go to the Super-8 from Group B. Its first match with Scotland was washed out due to rain, where it had to share points. At the same time, it lost to Australia in the second match. Now it has to play the remaining 2 matches against Namibia and Oman.

England will have to depend on Australia

Even if England wins both these matches, it will still have only 5 points. The big thing is that England will not only have to win these two matches but also win by a big margin. So that its run rate can also be corrected. Not only this, apart from winning by a big margin, it is also important for England to get the support of Australia. It will have to pray that Australia defeats Scotland. If this happens, then England and Scotland will have equal points in Group B. And, during that time, if England’s run rate is better than Scotland, then only it will move forward, otherwise the game of the defending champion will end at the group stage of T20 World Cup 2024.

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