T20 World Cup 2024: The Indian team is returning to its homeland from Barbados. Rohit Sena will land in India early in the morning on 4th July. After this, victory is to be celebrated in Mumbai. For this, captain Rohit Sharma has appealed to the fans to get ready.

T20 World Cup 2024: 4th July 5 pm….note this date and time. On this day, Team India’s victory will be celebrated in Mumbai. Rohit Sharma himself has given this information. Rohit Sena has left from Barbados on 3rd July, Team India will step into the country’s capital Delhi at 5 am on 4th July. After this all the players will meet PM Modi. Then the team will leave for Mumbai, where strong arrangements have been made for the celebration. Rohit Sharma is currently on the flight, from there he has given a message to the fans that he will be ready for the celebration, the World Cup is coming home.

On July 3, Rohit Sharma wrote in his ex post, ‘We want to enjoy this special moment with all of you, celebrate this victory with a victory parade at Marine Drive and Wankhede from 5:00 pm on July 4. The World Cup is coming home.’ After this information given by Rohit Sharma, the fans are very happy and have started preparing for the celebration.

, we want to enjoy this special moment with all of you.

So let’s celebrate this win with a victory parade at Marine Drive & Wankhede on July 4th from 5:00pm onwards.

It’s coming home

— Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) July 3, 2024

Memories of 2007 will be fresh again

Actually, exactly 17 years ago in 2007, Team India became the champion. After winning the title in South Africa, when it returned to Mumbai, it was given a grand welcome. Team India, captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, got a lot of love, the players were seen on the streets of Mumbai in an open bus, the fans saluted all the players by showering flowers. Now, a similar scene can be seen tomorrow i.e. on 4th July.

Victory Parade from Marine Drive to Wankhede Stadium

Rohit Sharma will take out a victory parade with his team from Marine Drive to Wankhede Stadium. This scene will be worth watching. India has won the title by remaining undefeated in the T20 World Cup played in America and West Indies. Captain Rohit Sharma did wonders with the bat and made a mark in captaincy. The whole of India is happy with this victory.

won the title while remaining undefeated

Team India played a total of 9 matches in the T20 World Cup 2024. One match was cancelled due to rain, while it won 8 matches and lost. This is the first time that a team has won the T20 World Cup title while remaining undefeated. Team India registered a thrilling 7-run win against South Africa in the title match.

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