T20 World Cup 2024: We are telling you about those 4 teams, who are in danger of being eliminated from this World Cup from the group stage itself.

T20 World Cup 2024: The excitement of T20 World Cup 2024 is at its peak. In the 14 matches played so far, one better than the other matches were seen. In this mega tournament which started on June 1, a total of 20 teams are showing their strength in the field for the title. All these teams have been divided into 5 groups. There are 5-5 teams in a group. The top 2 teams of all the groups will qualify for the Super 8. There will be a battle between them for the semi-finals.

According to the rules, any team can get a maximum of 8 points from each of the 4 groups in which all the teams have been divided in the T20 World Cup 2024, because all the teams have to play 4 matches each. At the end of the group stage, the top 2 teams in all the groups will enter the Super 8. The interesting thing is that this season there are 4 such big teams who have faced defeat in the group stage itself. Now these teams are also facing the threat of being eliminated from the tournament.

These 4 big teams may be out of the group stage

Group A- Pakistan

At present, USA is at number 1 in Group A with 4 points. India is at the second position with 2 points. In such a situation, the 2009 champion Pakistan, which is at number three, is in danger of being eliminated from the group stage itself. If India defeats Pakistan on June 9, it will be very difficult for them to reach the top 8.

Group B- England

England, which is in Group B, had its first match cancelled due to rain. Now it has to play its second match against Australia. The team is currently at number three. If it loses its next match, then the path to the top 8 will become very difficult. Scotland, which has already won 2 matches, will enter the Super 8 by cancelling one more win. England is the champion team of 2010 and 2022.

Group C- New Zealand

New Zealand, which is in Group C, has lost its first match by a huge margin of 84 runs. Now this team has to face West Indies. If the Kiwi team loses this match too, then its game may be over. On the other hand, Afghanistan, which has won 2 matches in this group, will enter the top 8 with a win.

Group D- Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has lost both its matches. Even if it wins its next two matches, it will be difficult for it to reach the Super 8. South Africa is number 1 in this group, which can enter the next stage. Sri Lanka is the 2014 champion team.

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