T20 World Cup 2024: T20 World Cup 2024 looks to be full of excitement. This time the two-time champion England team is stuck in the group stage itself. Know how it can qualify.

T20 World Cup 2024: The boat of England cricket team is stuck in the middle of the sea in T20 World Cup 2024. Now if the team loses even one match in the remaining 2 matches, then it will be out of this mega tournament. After all, how did this two-time champion team get stuck in the group stage this time, and what is its last way to qualify for Super 8? We have brought the answers to these questions for you. Understand in detail below…

Performance of England team in T20 World Cup 2024

This team of Jos Buttler has played 2 matches so far. The first match was cancelled due to rain, which caused a loss to the team, because this match was against Scotland, in which England could have won, then the second match was against Australia, in which the Kangaroo team defeated England by 36 runs. In this way, England has 1 ink in 2 matches and the net run rate has gone into minus.

Which team will play the remaining 2 matches?

England has to play its remaining two matches against Oman and Namibia. Oman is already out of this World Cup, having lost all three of its opening matches, while Namibia has won 1 out of 2 matches and is ranked third above England in this group. Now England would like to register a win against these two teams.

Whose claim is stronger from Group B

Apart from England, Group B has Australia, Namibia, Scotland and Oman. 2 teams from this group will enter the Super 8. At present, if any team has the strongest claim, then it is Scotland, which has 5 points in 3 matches. It will enter the Super 8 as soon as it wins the next match, the second strong claim is of Australia, which is at the second position in the points table with 4 points after 2 consecutive wins.

After all how can England team reach Super 8?

The biggest question is how will England secure its place in the Super 8? If we look at this equation, England has to win both its remaining matches by a big margin, which will be against Namibia and Oman. Even after winning these, England’s future journey is not certain, it will have to pray that Scotland loses its last match, which is to be against Australia. Or the teams of Namibia and Scotland defeat Australia. If Namibia loses the match, it will have only 5 points, whereas if England wins the remaining 2 matches, it will also have 5 points. In such a situation, the team can qualify on the basis of net run rate.

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