T20 World Cup: There have been 8 seasons in the history of T20 World Cup. But till now only 3 super overs have taken place. The third super over took place after 12 years, in which Namibia won.

These days T20 World Cup 2024 is going on in America and West Indies. So far 5 matches have been played. During this time we also got to see a super over of this season. Namibia won this super over played between Namibia and Oman. This was the third super over in the history of T20 World Cup. Since the year 2007, only three super overs have been held in this mega tournament. We are telling you the story and results of these three.

1. First Super Over (T20 World Cup)

The first super over in the history of T20 World Cup was in the 2012 T20 World Cup, in which Sri Lanka and New Zealand teams were face to face. This match was held on 27 September, in which New Zealand scored 174 runs while playing first, in reply Sri Lanka was also stuck at 174, so a super over was held, in which Sri Lanka gave a target of 14 runs in 1 over, in reply New Zealand could score only 7 runs and lost.

2. Second Super Over (T20 World Cup)

The second super over in the history of T20 World Cup also happened in T20 World Cup 2012. In that match, West Indies and New Zealand teams were face to face. West Indies batted first and scored 139 runs, in reply, Kiwi team also scored 139 runs, then in the super over, Kiwi team scored 17 runs, but West Indies won the match by scoring 19 runs in one over. In this way, New Zealand became the only team to play 2 super overs in this tournament, which lost in both the super overs.

3. Third Super Over

The third super over of the T20 World Cup has taken place after 12 years, i.e. after 2012. In which the teams of Namibia and Oman faced each other. In the match, Oman batted first and scored 109 runs, in response Namibia also scored 109 runs, then the super over took place, in which the Namibia team batted first and scored 21 runs, then in response Oman could score only 10 runs and lost.