Stop Clock Rule: ICC has announced the implementation of the stop clock rule from the World Cup in its annual board meeting. This new rule of ICC will be implemented in ODI and T-20 cricket from June 2024. Let us tell you that this rule was used on a trial basis in December 2023. This rule has been introduced to increase the speed of the game or to follow the average time. Due to this new rule, teams will have to maintain the pace of their overs, otherwise the opposition team will get the benefit in the form of penalty.

What is Stop Clock rule?

According to ICC, stop clock will be arranged in every ground. The stop clock will work before the end of one over and the beginning of the second over. As soon as the over is over, it will be the responsibility of the third umpire to start the stop clock. The clock will run from 60 to zero seconds. The bowler has to be ready to bowl the next over before the time runs out. According to the rules, if this rule is violated, the fielding captain will be warned twice. However, if the mistake is repeated for the third time, a penalty of 5 runs will be imposed on the team.

JUST IN: ICC to introduce stop-clock rule permanently in white-ball cricket.


— ICC (@ICC) March 15, 2024

What was the rule till now?

Till now ICC had implemented the rule of bringing a fielder inside the 30-yard circle in ODIs and T20Is to deal with slow over rates. This rule was implemented in T20Is in January and in ODIs during the World Cup Qualifiers in June-July earlier this year. In ODI, the bowling side is given 3.5 hours to bowl 50 overs, whereas in T20, one hour and 25 minutes are given to bowl 20 overs, if more time is taken, the 30 yard rule was applied. And there was also a provision for fine under Article 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct.

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