In the wake of India’s thrilling victory in the T20 World Cup, the city of Mumbai witnessed scenes of jubilation that transcended the cricket pitch. Amidst the grand celebrations at Wankhede Stadium, one moment stood out—a heartfelt reunion between Rohit Sharma, India’s captain, and his mother, Poornima Sharma. As Rohit Sharma paraded with the championship trophy, the spotlight shifted briefly to the President’s box, where his parents eagerly awaited. Poornima Sharma, despite feeling unwell and having a scheduled doctor’s appointment, made a poignant decision—she chose to be by her son’s side on this historic occasion. “I never thought I’d see this day,” she confided to The Indian Express, reflecting on Rohit’s earlier resolve to potentially retire from T20 Internationals.

Goosebumps the mother’s love.___ Such a cute moment between Captain Rohit Sharma and his mother. #VictoryParade #Mumbai

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Community Pride

The celebration was not confined to the stadium alone. Back in Sharma’s childhood neighborhood of Sportsline Society, residents gathered in homage to their local hero. PV Shetty, former secretary of the Society, orchestrated a special viewing, reminiscing about Sharma’s formative years and the community’s unwavering support. “The cheers show how much Mumbai loves him,” remarked Vishal Sharma, Rohit’s brother, recalling the overwhelming response to the victory.

A Grounded Champion

Despite the adulation and the weight of national expectations, Rohit Sharma remains grounded. He took time to interact with fans and residents alike, reminiscent of his humble beginnings. PV Shetty noted, “He hasn’t changed. He met everyone and took pictures, just like the old days. He is still Rohit, not Rohit Sharma the captain.” Poornima Sharma, visibly moved by the occasion, graciously accepted selfies from well-wishers, cherishing every moment of her son’s triumph.

Mumbai’s Adulation

The streets of Mumbai reverberated with chants of “Mumbaicha Raja? Rohit Sharma,” underscoring the city’s deep-seated affection for its sporting icon. Amidst the whirlwind of celebrations, Rohit Sharma acknowledged the fans’ fervor, emphasizing that the victory belonged not just to the team, but to the entire nation.