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Manchester United legendary player Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reckoned his trip to India as a special moment in his life and stated that his personal connection with the Indian fans was the highlight of the tour for him. Solskjaer came to India on a three-city tour from February 9 to 11 that started in Bengaluru and ended in Delhi via Mumbai. Indian fans gathered in large numbers at the airport, the hotel where he stayed in all the cities to get a glimpse of the former Manchester United manager and player from across the country.

“It’s been a long way and it’s been brilliant for me. It was a special experience especially when you meet people 1 to 1 and they have got their own personal stories, that’s what’s been more special during the tour,” stated Solskjaer while looking back. to his maiden Indian visit.

Fans also got an opportunity to meet Solskjaer during the gala dinners held in all three cities. (Kylian Mbappe Tells PSG: I Am Leaving Club At The End Of The Season)

Solskjaer further said, “Fans have given me some letters as well but you know when grown men come up to you and they shiver and shake and say that I am so nervous infront of you, I need to tell you this quite special story, and that thing sticks with you. Of course, all the events have been really special, I saw a sand artist who created my journey which was incredible. It took me by surprise as I had never seen one of them before, so it was a special. experience.”

Delhi welcomes Ole Gunnar Solskjær

Again, this crowd isn’t a protest. The fanbase calls them ‘eReds’ or ‘Day Trippers’. Its the Delhi fanbase welcoming a Man United legend into their city.pic.twitter.com/1QSuH4OAte Brown Munde (@BrownMundePC) February 11, 2024

While the trip of the legendary footballer to India was orchestrated by ardent Manchester United fan and founder of Ace of Pubs- India’s largest quizzing company, Tilak Gaurang Shah and the success of the tour would only propel more such visits for the Red Devil fans in India. . (Kylian Mbappe To Sign For Arsenal? Here’s What Head Coach Mikel Arteta Had To Say….)

“The essence of football lies in the fervour of its fans across the world. Solskjaer’s warm reception by fans in India is a testament to the nation’s untapped potential as a global football’s experiential hub. The passion of the fans for football and the legendary players in India will pave the way for more such extraordinary experience in the future,” commented Tilak, the founder of Ace of Pubs after the end of the tour which has been termed a huge hit by the Manchester United fans in India.

The Baby faced Assassin’s tour to India also gave a new lease of life to not only the Manchester United fans but football fans in general and ignited a burgeoning enthusiasm and love for the sport.