Sports Desk. Cricket is called a game of uncertainties, because the players playing this game sometimes do something which no one has ever imagined. Actually, former Indian batsman Aakash Chopra keeps sharing videos of cricket related incidents happening in every corner of the world on his social media. Seeing whom cricket fans are sometimes stunned. Something similar was seen on Monday 12th February also.

Aakash Chopra shared a video of a match on his Twitter account on Tuesday. It is not clear where this match took place, but the player bowling in the video definitely surprised everyone. Aakash Chopra himself was so shocked to see this that he compared this bowler with Sri Lankan legend Muttiah Muralitharan. Now this video is going viral on social media.

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It is seen in the video that the player bowls the ball, which looks like it will remain far outside the stumps. For this reason the batsman leaves the stumps and goes to the other side to play the ball. The ball rises very high but after hitting it, it turns too much and hits the stumps. The bowler celebrated this wicket with open hands. The wicketkeeper standing behind the stumps was also surprised to see the turn of the ball.

As soon as this video surfaced on social media, people started comparing it with Shane Warne’s Ball of the Century. Fans say that even veteran spinners like Muralitharan and Harbhajan Singh will be surprised after watching this video. At the same time, some fans say that if Warne was alive today, he too would have held his head after seeing this ball.

Shane Warne first bowled the ‘Ball of the Century’

Australia’s legendary spinner is always remembered for the ‘Ball of the Century’. Warne had bowled this ball against England in 1993. At that time, England batsman Mike Gatting had to face that ‘Ball of the Century’. By the time Gatting could handle this ball, the wickets of his wicket had blown away. Warne had bowled it towards the leg stump and Gatting thought it would go past, but the ball took so much turn that it flew straight to the off stump.

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