World Cup 2023 Semifinal Scenario: ODI World Cup 2023 is being organized in India and till Sunday 22 October, a total of 21 matches had been played in this tournament. That means the league round of the tournament has almost reached the half stage. Now equations are also being formed regarding the semi-finals. Some teams have strengthened their path and for some the semi-finals are now looking difficult. At the same time, the competition between Pakistan and five-time champion Australia can be seen till the end.

Let us tell you that the Indian team is the only team which has won all the five matches. With this, Team India has also come on top in the points table. On the other hand, the New Zealand team was also unbeaten till Sunday and had won its first four matches. But after losing to India, the team had to face its first defeat. Now the situation is such that India is at the top, New Zealand is at second place and South Africa is at third place. So Australia at fourth and Pakistan at fifth have 2 points each. Defending champion England is in bad shape and is in 9th position. Now let us know some mathematics and the equation of semi-finals.

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Five teams out of the race for semi-finals!

This tournament is being organized on round robin basis. That means all the teams will play 9-9 matches in the league stage. In this format, the team that wins seven out of 9 matches will be confirmed in the last 4. But here the matter may get stuck between the fourth and fifth placed teams with 6-6 wins i.e. 12-12 points. In such a situation, net run rate will come in handy. But before that, if we talk about some teams, England, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Afghanistan and Bangladesh have all won only one match while playing 4 matches. These teams each have five matches left. The standard to qualify for the semi-finals can become the figure of 6 wins i.e. 12 points. These five teams will have to win all their remaining matches if they want to remain in the race for the semi-finals. This seems quite impossible at the moment. Therefore, we are expecting that these five teams are almost out of the race for the semi-finals.

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There will be war between Pakistan and Australia!

So far the picture looks very clear. India, New Zealand and South Africa have strong hopes for the semi-finals while Pakistan and Australia are fighting for the fourth place. Pakistan’s match with Afghanistan continues on Monday. If Pakistan wins this match then it will come in top 4. Then on October 25, Australia can capture the fourth position by defeating Netherlands. This means that the fight between the two teams for the fourth place can be seen till the end. In the end, the matter may get stuck by reaching the figure of 6-6. However, if Pakistan and Australia win all the matches from here then they can reach the figure of 7 wins i.e. 14 points. In such a situation, competition can be seen for the top 3 teams also.