A report by Washington DC-based Cato Institute claims that about 11 lakh Indians green card Most affected by backlog. It is also being claimed that new applicants from India may have to wait for their whole life. It has been claimed in the report that 4.24 lakh applicants may die waiting for the green card, 90 percent of them are Indians.

Green card backlog reaches record 1.8 million this year

According to the report, the employment-based green card backlog reached a record 1.8 million cases this year. This backlog includes immigrants who are waiting to receive a green card.

How does a green card go into waiting list?

When an employer green card If a person files a petition for a green card, the petition is placed on a waiting list if no green card is available under the country limit. A person can file a petition to adjust status to permanent residence when a green card spot becomes available.

what is green card

Green card is basically a permanent resident card. Green Card is known as the Official Permanent Resident Card. This document is issued to expatriates living in the US, which serves as proof that the cardholder has been granted the privilege of permanently residing in the country.

President’s advisory panel approves recommendation to withdraw two lakh unused green cards

The Presidential Advisory Commission in the US has approved the recommendation to withdraw more than 2,30,000 green cards in family and employment categories that have not been used since 1992, benefiting thousands of Indian-Americans waiting for this card. It is possible. Indian American entrepreneur Ajay Bhutoria, a member of US President Joe Biden’s ‘Advisory Commission on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders’, told the commission last month about his recommendations that the unused jobs from 1992 to 2022 More than 2,30,000 green cards will be withdrawn and the process of issuing some of these cards every financial year will be started. These cards will be in addition to the annual limit of 1,40,000 cards fixed for this category.

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