Many new features of WhatsApp are being discussed these days. It is being said that the company is working on new plans to further strengthen user security. According to the new information, very soon WhatsApp users will also get the option to choose a unique username. When this happens, people will be able to connect with each other only through username, they will not need to share phone numbers. WABetaInfo, popular as WhatsApp tracker, has given this information. It is said that WhatsApp is working on a new update. With its help, users will be able to create a unique username. They will not need to share their phone number with everyone. According to WABetaInfo, this feature is currently being developed, which may take a few months to arrive. It has been told in the report that the conversation through unique username will also be secure with end-to-end encryption, that is, no third party other than the two users will be able to access the information. At present, to login to WhatsApp, users have to share their mobile number. However, many social media apps and messaging apps connect people even without a mobile number. In recent times, many incidents of spam calls have been seen on WhatsApp. In India too, a large number of people were troubled by spam calls and messages on WhatsApp. This matter had also reached the government. WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot. This shows that users will get the option of username in their profile. Username can be selected by going to WhatsApp Settings and clicking on the profile there. After this, other users can be searched by their username in the app itself. With this, the mobile number can be protected from others to a great extent. It is not yet known when this feature will be rolled out. No official information has been given by WhatsApp or Meta about the feature.

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