WhatsApp New interface: If you use WhatsApp’s Android app, then pay attention! After some time you may see the new WhatsApp. There are reports that WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new interface for its Android app. According to a report, the top app bar and UI elements of Meta-owned WhatsApp are being improved. In the new design, WhatsApp top bar is shown in white color. Rest things appear green. The new design of WhatsApp has reportedly been spotted on Android beta version of WhatsApp. It is available through the Google Play beta program. However, this beta program is not visible to all testers yet. According to a report by WABetaInfo, a tracker that keeps an eye on new features of WhatsApp, WhatsApp is working on a new interface for its Android app. This alleged change in design was spotted in WhatsApp beta version named This version can be accessed through the Google Play beta program.

It is said that the new interface is still being developed and is not visible to all testers. WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot of the new design of WhatsApp. It can be seen in the screenshot that the top app bar of WhatsApp is in white shade. Whereas WhatsApp logo and other elements are in green color. The new user interface of WhatsApp may come to all users after an update in the coming days. It is possible that some more changes may be made to the interface before the final release. It is being said that WhatsApp is also working on changes in the design of its iOS app.

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