Voice message: Now video messaging feature is also being provided in WhatsApp. This is being said to be an instant video message feature in which the user will be able to record a short video and share it in the chat window itself. As exciting as it sounds, it is equally easy to use. After this, not only by speaking but also through video, you can communicate to the other person in the chat. Let us tell you all the information related to its use. Whatsapp keeps upgrading its features from time to time. Now the messaging platform has also added video messaging feature to the interface. Now the user will be able to record a video of 60 seconds, i.e. 1 minute and send it to the receiver in the chat window itself. With this, users will be able to share their special moments with each other in chat. For example, if you want to wish someone a happy birthday, share some good news, or any kind of emotional moment, you can now share it with your loved ones in the form of a video. Let us tell you that when the sender sends a video message, it will automatically appear playing in the receiver’s chatbox, but will be muted. The method of using it is also very easy. It works exactly the same way as a voice message is recorded. To record, the user has to select video mode instead of audio. Then the button has to be pressed and held and the video can be recorded. Hands-free recording can also be done with an extra swipe of the button. This is similar to what happens in audio recording. As we mentioned earlier, the video automatically plays on mute when it reaches the receiver. After tapping on the video, its sound gets activated. That means the control remains in the hands of the user. In the coming time it will be available to all users. The company has started rolling out the feature.