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YouTube is a favorite platform for creators, which showers them with a lot of money. The video sharing platform pays creators based on the views they get on their videos and the advertisements that appear on the videos. Something similar is now being seen on ‘X’ (earlier Twitter), where users are being paid for the advertisements shown on their tweets. The social media platform had recently started the ad revenue system and now users have started sharing the proof of their first earnings on ‘X’. Some of the reasons behind the launch of the ad revenue system on ‘X’ Within weeks, users started tweeting screenshots of their first ad earnings. ‘X’ users from many other countries including India have shared screenshots of their earnings in dollars. Even some people are claiming to earn more from this platform than Instagram and YouTube. Some Indian Twitter users are also among these users. You can see these tweets below:-

My first payout from Twitter/X. Full transparency: I ended up signing up for a blue check on July 24th and getting monetized on July 27th, of course zero breakdown on how we got to this number lol, but hey at least it paid for itself. pic.twitter.com/OEG4Ou2PDz — MVG (@Modern VintageG) August 8, 2023
Got a little surprise from Elon today – my first Twitter payout.Pretty cool to see creators being rewarded.Good move. Maybe likes are cash after all? pic.twitter.com/7XIRBc5oJa— Kieran Drew (@ItsKieranDrew) August 8, 2023
Got my first payout from Twitter.I believe this is for Feb-June combined. Nothing to write home about but definitely a nice surprise.Glad they’re finally letting creators earn directly on the platform now. Thank you all for the support! pic.twitter.com/kWQ2ObOsgH — Okami Games (@Okami13_) August 8, 2023

However, not all the screenshots being shared on X appear to be genuine. Some are showing earnings of several thousand dollars, which do not seem real. Some of these users do not even have thousands of followers. The good thing is that to earn in ‘X’ you do not need to share videos like YouTube and Instagram, but in this you can earn 15 million on your tweets. This can happen only by getting more views. X has set certain conditions to start earning. The first of these conditions is that before you can start earning, you must have a Blue subscription, that is, you must have a verification badge. After this you will have to activate Creator Subscription and Ads Revenue. Additionally, your tweets must have at least 15 million organic impressions in the last three months. After doing this, earning will start on the basis of lakhs of impressions. To claim the money received from ‘X’, you will have to go to the monetization option. Here you have to select the option of ‘Join and Setup Payouts’, after which you will be redirected to Stripes and you have to setup your account here. To withdraw money, you must have at least $50 in your account.

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