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A special session of Parliament has been called from 18 to 22 September, on which the entire country is keeping an eye. There are speculations that Modi government may take big decisions in this session. Meanwhile, news of implementation of new dress code is coming out. According to the news circulating in the media quoting sources, the employees of both the Houses of Parliament will be seen in new uniforms while going to the new Parliament House. The English website Times of India has published this news. According to the report, Lok Sabha officials said that a glimpse of Indian culture will be seen in the new dress code.

People associated with legislative work will be given cream colored jackets, cream shirts with pink lotus print and khaki pants. The dress will be the same for the employees of both the houses. Officials said the new uniforms have been handed over to all 271 employees, including chamber attendants and those deployed for reporting service. He said that the deployed Parliament Security Service (Operations) security officers will be seen wearing army-like attire instead of blue safari suits.

Important role of National Institute of Fashion Technology

It is being told that the National Institute of Fashion Technology was asked to give suggestions for the design of the new uniform. After this, a special committee worked on finalizing the new uniform from those suggestions. According to an internal circulation, all eligible officers and personnel were given their uniforms on 6 September. Earlier it was planned to be distributed at the inauguration of the new Parliament building, but it got delayed.

Farewell to the present Parliament House

A five-day special session is going to start from September 18. In this session, the present Parliament building can be bid farewell and the new building can be inaugurated on September 19 on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. According to the news quoting sources, on the first day of the session both the Houses can discuss the role and importance of the old Parliament House before and after independence. A symbolic joint meeting may be held in the Central Hall before the proceedings are shifted to the new building the next day.

New dress code for marshals

Another media has said in its report that in the new dress, Manipuri caps will be seen on the heads of marshals in both the houses. At the same time, lotus shaped shirt has been made the dress code for the officers of Table Office, Notice Office and Parliamentary Reporting Section. Not only this, news has been published quoting an officer that women officers will be given new designed sarees. According to the report, the dress code of the marshal standing near the Speaker’s seat has been changed. According to the new dress code, Marshals will now wear cream colored kurta pajama instead of safari suit and will be seen wearing a Manipuri cap on their head.

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