America’s biggest enemy is North Korea, as big as Russia is. Both countries are an eyesore for America. In such a situation, if both the countries meet, it will be a matter of great concern for many countries including America. Actually, once again North Korean dictator Kim Jong and Russian President Vladimir Putin are going to meet. It is being told that soon Kim Jong is going to go to Russia for a meeting. It is noteworthy that this is the first time after 2019 when the rulers of the two countries will meet. However, information about where the two will meet has not been revealed yet.

The closeness between Russia and North Korea is increasing
According to the New York Times, Kim Jong may soon go to Russia and meet Putin. At the same time, the White House has also expressed the possibility that talks are going on between Russia and North Korea regarding weapons. Kim and Putin may meet soon. In this context, America’s National Security Council official John Kirby had said on August 30 that talks regarding arms transactions between North Korea and Russia are gaining momentum. Actually, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants supply of weapons for his army, for which he is in talks with North Korea. In fact, after the sanctions imposed by Western nations, Russia and its military supplier Wagner Group had already allegedly contacted North Korea for weapons.

North Korea may ask for technology in exchange for weapons
This arms trade and growing trade relations with North Korea could have a significant impact on Ukraine’s battlefield. My research on arms trade with North Korea shows that North Korea may demand technology from Russia in exchange for arms. This will greatly benefit North Korea’s weapons programs and will also be able to compensate for the damage caused by the sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The United Nations wants to limit North Korea’s weapons programs, for which it has imposed several sanctions against North Korea.

Efforts to improve military relations
Recent developments make it clear that despite the denials of North Korea and Wagner Group owner Yevgeny Prigozhin, arms trade relations have deepened rapidly. However, Prigozhin had died recently. America had claimed in September 2022 that North Korea was supplying large quantities of weapons to Russia. In January 2023, two months after North Korea allegedly supplied rockets and missiles to the Wagner Group, Kirby shared a satellite photo of a train loaded with lethal weapons on the North Korean-Russian border.

America had imposed a ban
In March, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Ashot Mkrtchychev, a Slovakian citizen who worked with North Korean officials to purchase two dozen types of weapons and munitions for Russia. This shows that there are many routes of contact between the two countries. Apart from this, in July, the US had imposed sanctions on North Korean arms businessman Rim Yong Hyok for supplying weapons to the Wagner Group. In a 2019 UN report, a person with the same name was described as an official of North Korean arms company Komid in Syria.

brothers in arms
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to Pyongyang, however, underlines the importance of the strengthening relations between the two countries. Most importantly, the task of showing the weapons exhibition to Shoigu was done by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un himself. Intercontinental ballistic missiles, long-range hypersonic missiles and advanced drones with new technology as well as other weapon systems were also present in this exhibition.

Pyongyang’s hunger for technology
There is no doubt that in the changing situation, Russia will benefit in the Ukraine war. At the same time, Russia’s purchase of arms from North Korea will strengthen its economic power, which has weakened due to the numerous sanctions imposed on the Kim Jong Un regime. This will also help North Korea in raising revenue. Not only this, it can also boost North Korea’s arms export enterprise. North Korea is in dire need of food items, oil, fertilizers and other essential goods. The Slovakian man mentioned above worked with Korean officials to purchase commercial aircraft, raw materials and various goods for North Korea in exchange for arms to Russia.

What is more worrying about North Korea is that it has long been dependent on arms sales to fund the development of various weapons, including nuclear and long-range missile programs. This has been termed ‘proliferation financing’. Efforts have been made at various levels around the world to implement UN sanctions.

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