October 5, 2023

As the assembly elections in Chhattisgarh approach, the war of words between the leaders of BJP and Congress has intensified. BJP MLA Ajay Chandrakar on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Congress government led by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel in the state over the deteriorating law and order situation in Chhattisgarh. He said that currently the season of gangrape is going on in the state and after that the season of murder will start. Elections are to be held in Chhattisgarh at the end of the year.

Apart from this, the BJP leader accused the ruling party of corruption in the work of building a huge statue of Ram in Chandkhuri, Raipur. He said, “After the season of gangrape and murder, everything will become clear in the season that will come now. “The government is not paying attention to the dengue outbreak and is focusing on other things,” Chandrakar said.

Accusing the state government of corruption in the construction of the huge statue of Lord Ram in Chandkhuri, Raipur, Chandrakar said that TCIL has been given a contract of Rs 100 crore to make the statue of Lord Ram, which has no experience in making statues. Is.

“The Chief Minister should issue a statement answering some of my questions, such as where the statue will be installed, its height, posture, stone used (in making the statue) and what will be its lifespan,” the BJP MLA alleged. “There is corruption in this project.”

Questioning the established image of Ram, Chandrakar said that ask any saint whether the idol installed in Chandkhuri looks like Ram. It seems as if the religious sentiments of the people have been tampered with and this is a scam in the name of the idol.

On CM Baghel’s accusation of BJP politicizing the Bhilai massacre and giving it a religious color, the former minister said that whenever incidents happen in Chhattisgarh, the CM sees communalism, whereas the ministers of Tamil Nadu see Stalin and the ministers of Bihar or anyone else. He likes anti-Sanatan statements. Referring to the Congress leadership, Chandrakar said that they are like Kalanemi.

He also accused Congress leaders of adopting a double attitude towards Sanatan. Countering CM Baghel’s comment on the Union Minister’s visit to Chhattisgarh, Chandrakar pointed towards Priyanka Gandhi, Robert Vadra and Rahul Gandhi and said, “We neither have any objection to Kharge ji’s visit to Chhattisgarh nor his daughter, son-in-law.” And there is objection to the son’s visit. Union ministers can visit any part of the country, and why should there be any objection to it? We wanted to show Rehan Vadra’s painting to Congress workers in Chhattisgarh.”