Hazaribagh, Arif: District level four-day Khelo Jharkhand competition is starting from September 11 at Curzon Ground and New Stadium of the city. The finale will be on 14th September. In the competition at all 16 block levels, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Archery, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1600, 3000, long jump, high jump, relay race, javelin throw, discus throw, shot put and hurdles. Overall 18 teams from one block participated in the race. Students of both boys and girls aged under 14, 17 and 19 studying in all government schools are included. More than 500 students from a total of 288 teams from across the district are involved.

Facilities are not being provided to students

Medical facilities including morning breakfast, lunch and dinner are available to the students through Jharkhand Education Project in the playground Curzon Ground complex. It is being claimed that food is not being served to the students as per the menu. Somehow the students are being fed. On Tuesday afternoon, students were given pulses, rice and vegetable curry. Necessary food like salad, curd, sweet (Rasgulla) is not available. District President of Assistant Teacher Sangharsh Morcha, Chandan Mehta, who arrived on the call of DEO, has raised questions on the food, accommodation and other facilities of the students. He said that lakhs of rupees have been received from the government for providing food, accommodation and other legal arrangements to the students. The concerned education officers are busy in embezzling this money. Students are not getting food as per the menu. Some officials are spending the amount received for the basic comforts of students on their own comforts.

Chandan Mehta made this allegation

Chandan Mehta said that earlier, between 25th to 30th July 2023, a two-day Pre Subroto Cup football tournament was organized at the Saint Robert School ground in Sindoor in the city. Then the two-day competition at Chhotanagpur divisional level (seven districts) was held at Curzon Ground. The players selected in both the competitions had reached Hazaribagh. In this also, students are said to have spent lakhs of rupees on chicken, food and accommodation. Chandan Mehta has raised the question that Sawan was going on in July. Even after this, the education officials have committed fraud of money by talking about feeding chicken to the students. He has demanded an impartial investigation into this matter by the appropriate Nancy Sahay and action should be taken against the education officials involved in it. A leader of the teachers organization said that no official of any teachers organization has been invited to the four-day Khelo Jharkhand competition. This is a violation of protocol.

competition based on teachers

All competitions have been left to the teachers. After the beginning and end of the game, education officers are not arriving to reward the students. Sports teachers and other project workers are somehow busy honoring the students by giving them medals. Late in the evening of 11th September, in the Kabaddi competition, two teams got into a fight over ‘we won’, ‘we won’. Later on the stage, some teachers from both the teams got into a scuffle after an argument. Both were pacified by intervention. There were no education officers at the spot.

Khelo Jharkhand Competition

On the second day on Tuesday, Katkamdag block became the winner and Churchu block became the runner-up in the under-17 girls category volleyball of Khelo Jharkhand competition. In Under 14 boys, Dadi block became the winner and Ichak block became the runner up. In Under 14 Girls category, Keredari block became the winner and Katkamsandi block became the runner up. Chauparan block became the winner and Barkagaon became the winner in Andar-19 boys. In Under-19 Girls, Barkagaon block became the winner and Chalkusha block became the runner-up.

What did Hazaribagh DEO Upendra Narayan say?

Hazaribagh DEO Upendra Narayan said that a team of teachers has been formed to conduct the district level four-day Khelo Jharkhand competition in a better way. A kitchen is being constructed at Curzon Ground and food is being fed to the students. Any kind of deficiency in law and order and other complaints are being resolved immediately. Two months ago, the two-day (first district and then divisional level) Pre Subroto Cup football competition was also conducted in a better manner.

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