During the Asia Cup 2023 Super-4 match between India and Pakistan, the keywords ‘India vs Pakistan’ and ‘BHa vs PAK’ started trending on ‘X’ which we all know earlier as Twitter. Let us tell you that the discussion of changing the name of India to Bharat is gaining momentum in the entire country, cricket fans did not forget this topic even during the ongoing match between India and Pakistan. By changing the name India to Bharat and IND to BHA, fans made it trend on social media.

Sunil Gavaskar also shared his opinion on the name change issue.

One of the best Indian cricketers, Sunil Gavaskar Recently jumped into the India vs Bharat debate, and shared their opinion on the name change story, everyone is sharing their opinion regarding the issue of using the word Bharat in place of India. This topic is currently a matter of debate among people across the country.

India-Pakistan match will be held on reserve day

Rain once again disrupted the exciting match between India vs Pakistan. Keeping in view the weather conditions, reserve day was kept. The match will start once again from 3 pm today. Thanks to the excellent start of the opener batsmen, India scored 147 runs losing 2 wickets in 24.1 overs played in Sunday’s match. On Monday, India will play its remaining overs. In Sunday’s match, both the opener batsmen played brilliant half-century innings. Shubhman Gill Scored 58 runs in 52 balls which included 10 fours. Rohit Sharma Scored 56 runs in 49 balls which included six fours and four sixes.

Our players should have jerseys with India written on their chest: Sehwag

Sehwag posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) and expressed that now is the time to officially restore our original name ‘Bharat’. While tweeting, he wrote, ‘I have always believed that the name should be such that it makes us proud. We are Indians. India is a name given by the British, and it has taken a long time to officially get back our original name ‘Bharat’. I request BCCI and Jay Shah to ensure that our players have jerseys with India written on their chests in this World Cup. Sehwag cited examples of other countries using their indigenous names in global tournaments. Also gave.

How will the weather be?

According to the report of AccuWeather, the weather of Colombo is going to be worse on Monday compared to Sunday. There is an 89 percent chance of rain in the early morning, while according to the report, by day time, there will be 100 percent rain in Colombo. India vs Pakistan match will also start at 3 pm on Reserve Day. In such a situation, considering the weather conditions, it does not seem that the match will start on time. If we talk about the evening weather of Colombo, there is a 97 percent chance of rain. Looking at the weather forecast for the entire day today, it seems unlikely that the match will take place.

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