The case of the death of Indian student Jhanvi Kandula is getting deeper. Yes… India has adopted a strict attitude against the American policeman who made fun of the murder. According to media reports, India has demanded a thorough investigation from America in this matter. A 23-year-old student was hit by a police car traveling at high speed. After this incident, a bodycam video went viral, where a policeman was seen laughing at the death.

Earlier this year, a 23-year-old Indian student was killed when a speeding police patrol vehicle collided with her in Seattle, USA. Meanwhile, footage of a police officer’s ‘bodycam’ (body mounted camera) has surfaced in which he is seen laughing and making fun of the student’s death. Subsequently, India took up the matter strongly with US authorities for a thorough investigation and action against the culprits.

‘Bodycam’ footage surfaced

Seattle Times has published news in this regard. According to the news, Jhanvi Kandula died in January after being hit by a vehicle driven by police officer Kevin Dave. He was driving the car at a speed of 74 kilometers per mile (119 kilometers per hour). Bodycam footage released Monday by the Seattle Police Department shows Officer Daniel Orderer laughing about the fatal incident and dismissing Dave’s fault or the need for a criminal investigation.

What did the Consul General of India say?

India’s Consul General in San Francisco has commented on the news. He described the manner in which Kandula’s death in a road accident was handled as “extremely disturbing”. The mission wrote on social media platform Is. Consulates and embassies will continue to closely follow this matter with all relevant authorities.

After the collision, Kandula fell more than 100 feet away.

Talking about the footage, Orderer, vice president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, was talking on the phone with guild president Mike Solan and laughing several times about the incident… According to NBC News report, Orderer Said Dave’s vehicle was not out of control. A police investigation report sent to prosecutors for review last month revealed that Dave was driving at 74 mph, and that the vehicle was thrown more than 100 feet after the collision.

Meanwhile, Orderer said he made the comment to mock lawyers, according to a report by KTTH radio station in Seattle. It is noteworthy that Kandula, a resident of Andhra Pradesh, was pursuing her master’s degree at North-Eastern University in Seattle.

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