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The G20 summit was successfully organized on 9 and 10 September at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, Delhi. India is being praised a lot for this in the country and the world. g20 summit India achieved a major success when this influential group unanimously adopted the 37-page manifesto. While BJP is calling G20 the biggest success of Modi government, opposition parties are targeting the central government. Meanwhile, a message regarding the expenditure in the G20 is becoming increasingly viral, in which it is being claimed that the Modi government spent 300 percent more money than what was allocated in the budget for the G20 summit. So let us know about the truth of the claim.

Trinamool leader Saket Gokhale made claim regarding expenditure in G20, message goes viral on social media

Regarding expenditure on the G20 summit, Trinamool leader Saket Gokhale on Monday claimed that in the last Union Budget, Rs 990 crore was allocated for hosting the G20 summit, but the government actually spent Rs 4,100 crore. He further wrote in his tweet, why BJP should not pay this additional Rs 3110 crore. This was clearly an unnecessary expenditure for Modi’s self-advertisement and personal PR for the 2024 elections.

Government rejected TMC leader’s claim

The government rejected Trinamool leader Saket Gokhale’s claim on G-20 that the budget allocated for G-20 was more than 300%. PIB Fact Check pointed out that the claim is misleading as the expenditure has been incurred on sustainable asset creation and other infrastructure development – ​​not just limited to hosting the G20 summit.

Congress also attacked Modi government regarding expenditure

Congress also made this an issue and accused PM Modi of spending more for ‘show off’. Congress shared a one minute 56 second video on social media X and alleged that the Modi government’s budget for G-20 was Rs 990 crore and it wasted Rs 4100 crore. Congress further alleged that the Modi government wasted the hard-earned money of the people to enhance its image.

After the conclusion of G20 summit, government should now focus on domestic issues: Kharge

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday targeted the government on the issues of inflation, unemployment and alleged corruption and said that after the conclusion of the G20 summit, the Modi government should now focus on domestic issues. He also claimed that the public has started paving the way for the departure of this government. Kharge alleged that there has been a flood of corruption due to the misgovernance of the Modi government. CAG has exposed BJP in many reports, Rs 13,000 crore Jal Jeevan scam has come to light in Jammu and Kashmir, in which a Dalit IAS officer was harassed because he exposed corruption.

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