After the trend of fantasy apps, a large number of people in India have started dreaming of winning lakhs and crores by investing small amounts of money on sports, but on the other hand, there is also a world of betting, where people have been looted of their hard-earned money. going. For this, betting bookies are taking the help of advanced technology and specially developed apps, which on the other hand help people win small amounts of money, but on the other hand, serve to fill the bookies’ pockets. Let’s know the whole matter. A special report by TOI suggests that certain cricket betting apps are being used to cheat users, in which bookmakers manipulate the results in such a way as to ensure that they always Win. Reports suggest that to control the fraudulent business worth crores of rupees, bookies are hiring software companies to develop fake apps. A police officer told the publication that on one hand these apps win small amounts of money to the users to keep them connected to the apps, while the bookie wins most of the big bets. Not only this, even the most skilled speculators get trapped in this, because these apps are designed by software experts. Police officer says that software experts charge huge amount for making such programs. Apart from this, these experts also create temporary links, user IDs and passwords for cricket bettors. As bookmakers make payments to these experts, these credentials are regenerated. The report further states that these apps are difficult to detect because they are constantly updated with new features. It also stated that It is said that in a similar case that came to light earlier, the police has taken 18 such gaming apps on the radar, which work to loot people’s hard-earned money. In this case, Rs 17 crore has been seized after a raid at the residence of a bookie named Sontu. However, the bookie is currently hiding somewhere in Dubai. According to the report, CP Amitesh Kumar says that Sontu was also using a fake app ‘Diamondexchange@com’ to cheat users. The app was owned by Dubai-based racketeers with Rajkot connections.

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