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Bihar: Fire broke out in Bank of India branch, fire brigade team started extinguishing the fire.

The fire brigade team has to work hard to control the fire. (symbolic photo)


Big news is coming from Lakhisarai, Bihar, where a sudden fire in the Bank of India branch created panic. A fire broke out in the Bank of India branch located at Market Committee in the city after the bank was closed. Due to the fire, the bank branch is filled with smoke, hence information about the damage and the cause of the fire could not be found.

Fire brigade team is busy in controlling the fire

As soon as information about this incident was received, the fire brigade team reached the bank branch and started extinguishing the fire. Actually, the bank branch is on the first floor, due to which even the fire brigade team is having to struggle. Since the bank branch has only one staircase and a gate, the fire brigade team is trying to extinguish the fire by breaking the outer wall near the window so that the water cannon can go inside.

An atmosphere of chaos due to information about arson incident

At the same time, there is an atmosphere of chaos in the city due to the information about the arson incident. According to the information, after the closure of the Bank of India branch located at Naya Bazaar, as soon as the employees reached their homes, within 10 minutes they got information that smoke of fire was coming out from inside the bank. He immediately reached the bank premises after informing his senior officer and also sent his colleague.

After this, an attempt was made to extinguish the fire by opening the gate of the bank but the fire was so intense that an employee got injured.

Bank fire due to short circuit

Let us tell you that the fire brigade is also having to put a lot of effort in extinguishing the fire. After reaching the first floor with the help of ladder, about 20 to 25 fire brigade personnel are working to extinguish the fire. It is being told that the fire broke out in the bank due to short circuit.

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