Air China : The health of nine passengers of an aircraft of Chinese airline ‘Air China’ deteriorated after its engine caught fire and smoke filled its cabin. Authorities evacuated the plane by making an emergency landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Changi Airport officials said in a post shared on Facebook that the Air China Airbus A320 aircraft was carrying a total of 146 passengers and nine crew members. He said that the plane was coming from Chengdu city of Sichuan province of China and it made an emergency landing at Changi Airport at around 4.15 pm on Sunday.

Nine passengers have trouble breathing due to smoke filling the cabin

According to officials, nine passengers on board the plane reported having difficulty breathing due to smoke filling the cabin and minor scratches during the evacuation. He told that the pilot sought permission for emergency landing after receiving information about smoke rising in the cargo hold (the part where the luggage is kept) and toilet of the plane.

Cabin lights started flickering due to smoke

A passenger told Chinese media that the smoke caused cabin lights to flicker and some passengers stood up in their seats, after which crew members appealed to them to be patient and remain in their seats. According to reports published in Chinese media, the engine fire was extinguished after the plane made an emergency landing in Singapore. Air China issued a statement early on Monday saying that preliminary investigation revealed that the plane’s engine caught fire due to a technical fault.

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