Rohit Sharma Press Conference: It is not possible for Rohit Sharma to have a press conference and not have some funny incident in it. On Sunday, when Team India returned after winning the Asia Cup, captain Rohit looked happy. Be that as it may, his team has given a stellar performance before the World Cup.

After this explosive performance, when firecrackers started bursting in the stadium, voices started coming from behind Rohit. While they were sitting comfortably, sounds of firecrackers started coming from the walls. Rohit could not control this. He suddenly said – Hey! Blast it after winning the World Cup, man.” As soon as Rohit said this, the sound of laughter echoed in the press conference. The captain talked about the excellent performance of Team India during the press conference.

he is mentally prepared

On the question of including KL Rahul at the last moment against Pakistan, Rohit said – “When you have to make a comeback like this, it is very difficult.” “Five minutes before the toss we told him that he is playing today, but to score a century like this shows the quality of the player and how mentally prepared he is for it.”

“We want players to stand up in big moments and pressure situations.” During this, Rohit also appeared mesmerized by the deadly bowling of Mohammed Siraj. He said he was tempted to keep bowling until his trainer sent him a message.

The trainer had given the message

Rohit said- “I was surprised to see the pitch from slip. Not everyone can do this every day.” Be a hero, you will find new heroes every day and today was Siraj’s day. He bowled seven overs which is a lot. I wanted to keep bowling him, but I got a message from our trainer that we needed to stop him now. I want to make sure that everything is kept a little calmer and that you don’t exaggerate too much. Rohit is happy to face challenging pitches ahead of the World Cup. Rohit believes that the nature of the pitches in the Asia Cup will be a good preparation for the World Cup.

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