Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora in Moscow on Monday. While speaking at the event organised by the Indian community in Russia, PM Modi said that the world is surprised to see the pace of development that the country has achieved in the last 10 years. He highlighted that Indian citizens were in distress before 2014, but things have changed now. He added that India is transforming at such a rate that the world is taking notes.

Commending Russia for supporting India, he said, “On hearing the word Russia, the first word that comes to every Indian’s mind is India’s partner in happiness and sorrow, India’s trusted friend, we call it ‘Dosti’.”

“Before 2014, India was in state of despair, but things are different as India is more confident,” PM said in his Moscow address. Drawing parallels with the condition of patients admitted in the hospital, Modi said that a patient shows signs of progress when he’s hopeful of his recovery. Similarily, India’s asset is its confidence.

He highlighted India’s infrastructural prowess, stating that the country built the world’s tallest railway bridge and the world’s tallest statue. He said that now India achieves whatever target it sets. 

Thanking the citizens overseas, the Prime Minister said, “India is changing, and how is India changing? It is changing because India trusts the support of its 140 crore citizens. It trusts the support of Indians spread across the  world.” He added that all the Indians sitting outside the country are ambassadors of the country.