Highlighting the importance of enacting new criminal laws in Jammu and Kashmir to combat terrorism and provide justice to victims, Director General of J&K Police, R.R. Swain, said that the new laws are crucial in eliminating the terror ecosystem from the region.

Swain stressed that J&K Police is committed to eradicating terrorism from the Union Territory and ensuring that people who have suffered at the hands of terrorists get justice. He stated that while traditional methods like using arms and ammunition have been effective in fighting terrorism, having a strong legal system is equally essential to uproot the entire terror network in J&K.

Pointing out the large number of civilians killed by terrorists in the region over the last few decades, Swain highlighted that many of the criminals responsible for these heinous acts have escaped conviction due to various obstacles. However, with the introduction of new criminal laws, there is now a significant opportunity for the victims to get justice and dismantle the terrorist network established in Jammu and Kashmir.

The implementation of these new laws has already begun, with police stations in Srinagar, Anantnag, and Baramulla being among the first to register cases under the newly introduced criminal law provisions known as the Indian Justice Code (BNS).

The move to implement these new criminal laws is being seen as a significant step towards enhancing security measures in Jammu and Kashmir and ensuring that people affected by terrorism get the justice they deserve.

On this occasion, Jammu and Kashmir’s Deputy Governor Manoj Sinha was also present. He implemented these laws in Jammu and Kashmir and said that Home Minister Amit Shah has worked hard on bringing these laws and that the dictatorial law, which reminded us of the slavery of the British, has finally been abolished.