Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s unusual gesture for getting the infrastructure work expedited has gone viral on social media. During a public function in Bihar, at one point, CM Kumar got up from his seat and moved a bit towards an IAS officer with folded hands requesting him to get the project completed at the earliest. The IAS officer was Pratyaya Amrit, additional home secretary of the state.

On Wednesday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar visited Patna to inaugurate the extension of the JP Ganga Path up to Kangan Ghat in Patna City. Emphasizing the need for rapid progress, the Chief Minister urged officials to expedite the work as the Ganga Path is set to extend further.

In the midst of this, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar suddenly remarked, “If you insist, I will touch your feet.” He then made a gesture as if to bow down and touch the feet of his subordinate, IAS officer Pratyaya Amrit. Pratyaya Amrit, taken aback, folded his hands and tried to stop him.

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In Bihar, the assembly elections are scheduled for October-November next year. Before every election, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar aims to complete several major projects. He has consistently urged officials to expedite the work on the JP Ganga Path. Nitish has made it clear to his subordinate officers that the work must be completed before the elections to facilitate his engagement with the public. Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav said that the state never had such a weak CM in the past.

पूरे विश्व में इतना असहाय,अशक्त,अमान्य,अक्षम, विवश,बेबस,लाचार और मजबूर कोई ही मुख्यमंत्री होगा जो BDO, SDO, थानेदार से लेकर वरीय अधिकारियों और यहाँ तक कि संवेदक के निजी कर्मचारी के सामने बात-बात पर हाथ जोड़ने और पैर पड़ने की बात करता हो?

बिहार में बढ़ते अपराध, बेलगाम भ्रष्टाचार,…
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On Wednesday, during a similar discussion, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was emphasizing the timely completion of the JP Ganga Path. He urged the engineers from the construction agency and the officers associated with the project to expedite the work.