Raipur/Delhi. Congressmen are going around today and pleading to save the Constitution. They are spreading false propaganda that the Constitution will be abolished. This is the same Congress that imposed emergency in the country under the dictatorial leadership of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. They murdered democracy. They suppressed the voice of Indians. The fact is that the freedom we got by fighting against the British under the leadership of Gandhi-Subhash was lost in 1975. The freedom that India has today is the gift of great men like JP-Lohia-Atal-Advani. This is the freedom gained by fighting against the Congress, it is the freedom brought by freeing the Constitution from the clutches of the Congress. These words were said by Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai on the 49th anniversary of the Emergency.

CM Sai said that we got independence after a century long struggle and sacrifice of thousands of martyrs. After independence, late Bhimrao Ambedkar gave us the gift of ‘Constitution’ with fundamental rights. This democracy, which was achieved with great sacrifice and sacrifice, was ended at midnight by the Congress leader and then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the country was again pushed into the same period of dictatorship and slavery from which India had come back in 1947. This was the most undemocratic period in the history of independent India, which Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan has called ‘the darkest period of Indian history’.

CM Sai said that Congress had destroyed its legacy of independence when it imposed emergency in the country by killing democracy. Indian constitution and democracy is the democracy achieved by nationalists like Atal-Advani-Nanaji, the historical men of today’s BJP (then Bharatiya Jana Sangh). It is the democracy earned by Loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan, which we are enjoying today.

Vishnu Dev Sai said that though the Emergency ended in 1977, elements and organisations with an Emergency mindset still exist today. There is a need to be cautious about the threat of anti-democratic elements every moment. We should remember this history of the Emergency again and again so that the Congress or any party with such mindset never dares to repeat such a tainted history again. There is a need to always be cautious so that a party like the Congress, intoxicated with power, does not dare to repeat this horrific history again.

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