Lakshika Sahu, Raipur. After the urban body elections in Chhattisgarh and the resignation of MP Brijmohan Agarwal from the post of MLA, politics has heated up regarding the South Assembly seat. By-elections are now to be held on this seat. Before this, Congress and BJP are claiming their victory. In this episode, Congress leader Shiv Dahria has taken a dig at the veterans and senior leaders of BJP. He said about former minister Moonat that his mental condition is not well right now. Along with this, he has cornered the BJP government on many issues.

Amidst the war of words between the ruling party and the opposition regarding the elections in the state, Shiv Dahria retorted to the statement of MLA Rajesh Munat that “a BJP worker will defeat a big Congress leader”, saying that Rajesh Munat has been a minister earlier. Rajesh Munat keeps saying something or the other to express his pain. He keeps saying something or the other after joining the cabinet. Rajesh Munat’s mental condition is not good right now.

Talks have been held with Brijmohan regarding Raipur South: Shiv Dahria

Regarding the by-election on Raipur West seat, Shiv Dahria said that “There has been a talk with Brijmohan Agarwal regarding Raipur South. You will know in the coming days what has been discussed. Better results will be seen in favour of Congress in Raipur South.”

Shiv Dahria took a jibe at the BJP Working Committee meeting and said that BJP workers are angry with the work of the BJP government. In-charge Om Mathur fled from Chhattisgarh due to the work of the government. On the other hand, Nitin Navin became the BJP state in-charge. Regarding this, Dahria said that former in-charge Om Mathur was angry with the work of the government. That is why he left Chhattisgarh. BJP won the election under his leadership. Now Nitin Navin does not have much to do.

BJP called the government a failure due to the shortage of DAP across the country

There is a shortage of DAP across the country, regarding this Dahriya said that the double engine government is pulling in different directions. The double engine government has completely failed. There is a shortage of DAP and urea in the entire country. This is a symbol of the failure of the Center.

A dig was taken at the problems of train cancellation

Regarding the problem of frequent train cancellations in the state, former minister Shiv Daharia said that even if 10 MPs from Chhattisgarh meet the Railway Minister or the Prime Minister, nothing will happen because Adani has to take the coal, so the trains will be cancelled. He alleged that more priority is being given to coal than passenger trains.

Brijmohan Agrawal’s reply to Bayana’s statement on train cancellation issue

On Brijmohan Agrawal’s statement that “railway system will be fixed in one year”, former minister Shiv Dahria said that Brijmohan Agrawal should first tell when he will get relief from his problem.

Strategy will be prepared in the two-day meeting of Congress: Shiv Dahria

Apart from this, former minister Dahriya told about the two-day meeting of Congress that the fact finding committee of Congress had come. Discussions have been held with the prominent leaders in the division. The prominent leaders at the state level will now discuss and understand what strategy should be adopted. BJP has given many issues to Congress, there is the issue of law and order, farmers, such a problem never arose in the Congress government, the BJP government is trying to discourage the farmers. The BJP government has completely failed.