Raipur Famous Food: Raipur. Prateek Chauhan. If you are fond of eating chaat-gupchup, then today we are going to tell you about the oldest chaat-gupchup shop in Raipur, which is about 34 years old. The name of this shop is Punjabi Chaat Corner. This shop is currently in Shailendra Nagar of the capital Raipur. But it started with setting up a shop on a table in Shankar Nagar. This shop is in Shailendra Nagar since the Corona period. Ravi Tandon, the owner of this shop, shared the complete information of his journey till here with Lalluram.com. If you also have such a struggle-filled story, then you can share it by calling on 93291-11133.

Punjabi Chaat Corner owner Ravi Tandon tells that when he was in 9th class, his family suddenly faced a downfall. His father had a utensils business. During this time, his mother Mrs. Shakuntala Devi Tandon took over and started making gupchup and chaat for her son from home. Then he used to set up his gupchup-chaat shop in Shankar Nagar on one table. Then it happened many times that he had to suffer losses due to not selling all the goods, but he did not give up on the struggle and worked very hard and today the situation is that Punjabi Chaat Corner is one of the famous chaat-gupchup shops of the capital Raipur.

The staff has been present for 25 years (Punjabi Chat Corner)

Ravi Tandon tells that his staff Chandramani has been working in his shop for 25 years. He has been working with him at a salary of Rs. 500 per month. He says that he has treated him like a member of his family, that is why when people do not stay in a job for more than 1-2 years, he has been working with him for 25 years.

Chaat sold for 4 rupees (Punjabi Chaat Corner)

Ravi Tandon, owner of Punjabi Chaat Corner, says that 34 years ago he started selling chaat at the rate of 4 rupees per plate, which has now reached 80 rupees per plate. In the early days, he used to sell gup chup at the rate of 6 pieces for 2 rupees. Which has now reached 20 rupees for 6 pieces.

The son will also take over his father’s business after MBA

Ravi Tandon says that it is a matter of great happiness for him that his son Sahil Tandon is currently doing MBA from Pune. But in the future, he is already ready to help his father in business and whenever he gets time after studies, he sits in his father’s shop.