Abhishek Semar, Takhatpur. Students of Takhatpur’s Modhe village in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district have launched a protest against the poor education system in government schools. They gheraoed SDM Jyoti Patel’s office on Monday over the teachers’ absence and irregularities in schools. Students say that teachers mark their attendance in schools even without being present. The Gotiya couple misbehaves with the students and says that their family members are labourers and they will also do the same work when they grow up.

The children say that a teacher posted in the school comes to school only a few times a year, but his attendance is recorded regularly. Due to this negligence, the studies of the students are getting disrupted, and they are failing in the exams. The students have also raised questions on the quality of the mid-day meal. They said that the prescribed diet chart is not being followed in the mid-day meal and the quality of the food is very poor. Many times, complaints have been received about adulteration and shortage of food, but the departmental officials have not paid any attention to it.

Teacher couple running the British government

Let us tell you that the students of Modhe village locked their school and reached SDM Jyoti Patel’s office by auto. They explained their problems in detail and demanded a solution. A student said that even after the British left India, the Gotiya couple is running their English rule in the village and discouraging the students from studying. She alleged that due to this negligence of the teachers, the future of the children is in darkness.

SDM gave assurance to the students

The students requested SDM Jyoti Patel to improve the system of their school. On which the SDM assured them that their problems will be solved soon. He said that this is a serious matter and no negligence will be tolerated in the education of children.

Children warned of agitation

The students warned that if their demands are not met, they will prepare for a big movement. Takhatpur Block Education Officer Jitendra Shukla is also expected to improve the situation, but this has not happened so far. However, now it remains to be seen what effect the assurances of the officials have and what improvements are made. The children have clearly said that if there is no improvement in time, then they will prepare for a big movement along with their families and expose the negligence of the education department.

However, only time will tell how long the arbitrary behaviour of teachers like Mr. India and the negligence of officers who have become like Dhritarashtra will continue in Takhatpur block. But the struggle of the students proves that they are not going to back down for their rights and education.

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