Raipur. Thieves also do not want to rush to steal. Perhaps that is why, sensing the time and danger of opening the ATM, they stole the machine itself. It was told that there were 4.60 lakh rupees in the ATM. As soon as the information of the incident was received, the police is searching for the thieves along with the stolen ATM. Also read: Rajesh Munat’s retort to Bhupesh Baghel’s allegations on the Balodabazar incident, said- Former Chief Minister should know the facts before speaking…

According to the information, unknown thieves stole the India One ATM machine installed on the roadside in Sarora village of Tilda Nevra police station area on Friday-Saturday night. The villagers informed the Tilda-Nevra police about the incident. As soon as the information was received, the police team reached the spot.

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CSP Keshari Nandan said that there were 4.63 lakh rupees in the ATM. It was being maintained by India One ATM Company. It is being told that the thieves have uprooted the ATM and fled with it in a car. At present, the police have started investigating the case. Nearby CCTV footage is being scanned in search of the four.

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It is being told that even before this, in 2020, the police had caught the gang that had stolen the SBI ATM by cutting it. The police had arrested seven accused of the gang. The accused had escaped with Rs 5.2 lakh from the ATM.