Laxmikant Bansod, Balod. The road widening work of National Highway 30 under construction from village Jhalmala to Sherpar in the district has been mired in controversies since the beginning. Despite the corruption being exposed hundreds of times during the construction work, the top officials of the district and the public representatives who pass by the road, including the concerned officials of the department, have turned a blind eye. Light rain has again exposed the contractor and the department. The road of the newly constructed national highway at a cost of 133 crores has caved in at dozens of places. Cracks have appeared on the Kusumkasa Kariyatola bridge. Long cracks have appeared on the asphalt road and the cemented side shoulder. It cannot be denied that the asphalt will come off the road in case of heavy rain.

The team of reached the office to get information about this matter but the officials of the National Highway of the district were neither found in the office nor were they receiving the phone. In this matter, Collector Indrajit Singh Chandrawal says that wherever there are flaws in the road, it will be repaired and action will be taken against the negligent officials and contractors.

Officers should come out of their AC rooms and take action: Social worker

Former district member and social worker Anil Suthar of Kusumkasa village said that the road is worth 133 crores. It is a big project of the Centre. Despite this, the officers are being negligent, as a result of which the road has started sinking even before it is complete. Bridges and culverts have started sinking. The soil from the road is going into the farmers’ fields. This is causing damage to the farmers’ fields and the responsible officers are not coming out of their AC rooms. Due to which the condition of the roads is like this. The administration should take strict action against the engineers who get such work done.

Damage to farmers’ crops

Villager Santu Bhandari of Kariyatola village said that a road passes near his village and the soil from the road is going into the fields of the people of his village. This is causing a lot of damage to the crops in the fields. The responsible officers are sitting with their eyes closed. The officers should come out and see the problems of the farmers. He appealed to the government to remove the soil from the fields soon, so that the farmers do not face any problem.

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