Rohit Kashyap, Mungeli. In this modern dazzling world, people have adopted a different attitude towards government hospitals. Despite having all the facilities, people turn to private hospitals instead of going to government hospitals. But these days the opposite situation is being created in the district hospital of Mungeli. Actually, even after spending lakhs of rupees in a private hospital, a person suffering from hip pain did not get relief from the treatment and reached the district hospital of Mungeli. Where the team of Dr. Shreyansh Parikh, a posted doctor, orthopedics and joint transplant specialist, has provided relief without any cost by doing a complex and successful transplant of both the hips, which could not be obtained even after spending lakhs in a private hospital.

Know the whole matter

52-year-old Mungeli resident Lunakaran Devangan was suffering from hip pain for a long time. He faced a lot of problems in walking and carrying out daily chores. Even after consulting doctors several times and spending lakhs on medicines, he was not getting any relief. His morale was also breaking due to the increasing problem and pain every day.

The patient got relief on reaching the district hospital

The first ray of hope was seen when he reached the district hospital Mungeli for consultation. Dr. Shreyansh Parikh, a bone disease and joint transplant specialist, after a thorough examination of the patient, got his X-ray and blood tests done and told him that both his hips were completely worn out due to arthritis and advised him to get artificial hips installed by transplanting both the hips. After a discussion at home, the patient and his family gave their consent for the operation and the patient was admitted to the hospital. In a short interval of time, Dr. Shreyansh Parikh and his experienced team successfully transplanted both the hips one by one.

The very next day after the operation, Lunakaran Devangan started walking on his feet with the help of a walker. The doctors discharged him from the hospital advising him to do regular exercise. The patient and his family expressed their gratitude to the team of doctors, civil surgeon Dr. MK Rai and the hospital administration and appreciated their work. The patient is able to walk on his feet without support and is carrying out his daily tasks without any problem.

A big achievement for hospital management

Successful transplant of both hips of a single patient is a big achievement for District Hospital Mungeli. Recently, to repair the fracture of hip bowl (acetabulum) of 26-year-old Maheshwar, a resident of Mungeli, in a road accident, Dr. Shreyansh Parikh and team performed a complex high risk surgery and implanted a special plate to enable Maheshwar to walk again and provided him free benefits by saving him from expenses worth lakhs. By performing many such complex operations, this government hospital is spreading its fame and proving to be a boon for patients of many districts including Mungeli.