Manendra Patel, Durg. Durg’s ACCU team has arrested 8 accused from Bhilai who were running the Mahadev Satta App panel in Hyderabad. These include two minors. Laptops, a large number of ATM cards and other material have been seized from the accused. The Durg Police team that went to Telangana under the leadership of ACCU’s Additional SP Richa Mishra arrested all the accused red handed. The police has taken all of them on remand and brought them to Durg.

Actually, the ACCU team had gone to Hyderabad to arrest the accused in a case. There they came to know about the accused in the Mahadev Satta case registered in Supela police station. After this, the crime team raided the location mentioned and arrested 8 youths including two minors red handed while running the panel of Mahadev Satta app. All these accused are residents of Bhilai’s Camp, Kurud and 18th Road.

According to the information, Durg police has busted a big racket from Hyderabad. In the raid, a large number of mobile phones, laptops, satta app accounts, bank accounts, ATMs and other items have been seized from the accused. The details will be disclosed by the police. The accused include B Chandu, V Charan Kumar, Abhishek Verma, Himanshu Chauhan, Uday, Sujit Kumar Sao and others.

According to the police, the house where the team raided was a three-storey building. When the police opened the door of the house, one of the accused jumped from the window of the three-storey building. Being an accused from Bhilai, he recognized a constable. Due to this, he shouted and while running, jumped from a height of three floors. During this, he suffered very serious injuries.