Nitin Namdev, Raipur. Politics is heating up in Chhattisgarh regarding the by-election in the South Legislative Assembly. Targeting the Congress, MLA Ajay Chandrakar said that the strong candidate of the Congress will be a set-up candidate. Congress does not have a strong candidate. But they will set up just to show off, they will tell a leader that they will not defeat him by a big margin. Apart from this, MLA Chandrakar has given statements on many important issues of the state.

Indefinite strike by Patwari Union

MLA Ajay Chandrakar said on the indefinite strike of the Patwari Sangh that he has told the Revenue Minister that whatever necessary reforms are required will be done. Many officers, Patwaris and Nayak Tehsildars will be reappointed. Many problems related to their demands will be solved.

Congress protest against high electricity prices

Since electricity has become expensive, the opposition has been constantly cornering the state government. MLA Ajay Chandrakar has taken a dig at the performance of the Congress in this matter. He said that the performance of the Congress in the country and the state has been disappointing. Now it remains to be seen what kind of performance they will do.

Congress’s two-day marathon meeting

On the two-day marathon meeting of Congress, MLA Ajay Chandrakar said that Congress is holding meetings, their only job is to hold meetings. This is what they have to do for the next 5 years, they will only make allegations and counter-allegations and sabotage.

On non-appointment of former Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

On the non-appointment of Parliamentary Affairs Minister before the Monsoon Session, MLA Ajay Chandrakar said that the strongest Parliamentary Affairs Minister till date is with the Chief Minister himself. This is the department of the Parliamentary Affairs Minister. The Chief Minister is the leader of the House, he can handle everything.

departmental review meeting of chief minister

On the departmental review meeting of the Chief Minister, MLA Ajay Chandrakar said that this is a regular program, necessary for the development of the state. Many departments take information. He further said that the Congress has talked about raising some issues. The job of the opposition is to raise issues and our job is to answer them.

Counter attack on Congress’ statement on increasing attacks on villagers

MLA Chandrakar countered Congress’ taunt on the increasing attacks on villagers even after the Home Minister issued QR code for suggestions and said that Congress came to power for 5 years after spending 15 years in exile. But they had no policy for Naxalites. In the 6 months after the BJP government came to power, a historic number of Naxal encounters have taken place. Naxalites are upset with the entry of security forces in their core area. When Naxalites are harmed due to collusion, Congress leaders start tweeting and squeaking like pigeons.

Regarding action against former officials in coal scam

Regarding the action taken by ACB/EOW against former officials in the coal scam in the state, MLA Chandrakar said that EOW and ED are taking their action, the court is taking its action. The matter is still in court, so we should not talk about it. Some political people are also inside, some outside and some are absconding. It is not that action has been taken against political people, Bhupesh Baghel has shown equal mercy to everyone.

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