Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. The sixth convocation of Pandit Sundarlal Sharma Open University will be held on July 6. The chief guest of the ceremony will be Governor and Chancellor Vishwabhushan Harichandan. On this occasion, Honorable Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai, Union Minister of State Tokhan Sahu, Deputy Chief Minister Arun Sao and MLAs of the district will be present. The convocation speaker will be Suresh (Bhaiya Ji) Joshi.

In this ceremony, 159 gold medals will be given to a total of 98 students who secured first position in the merit list in various faculties of session January-December 2020, session July-June 2021, session January-December 2021, session July-June 2022, session January-December 2022, session July-June 2023, which also includes memorial gold medals given by 13 donors. One student Demeshwari Bhardwaj will be awarded 04 gold medals for the year 2021 and among these 15 students will be awarded 03 gold medals each, 27 students will be awarded 02 gold medals each and the remaining will be awarded 01 gold medal each. Along with this, 02 honorary and 14 P.H.D. (Vidya Vachaspati) degrees, a total of 16 degrees will also be awarded.

In the university examination session January-December 2020, 2,635 students, in the session July-June 2021, 13,226 students, in the session January-December 2021, 3,290 students, in the session July-June 2021, 24,950 students, in the session July-June 2022, 4,622 students, in the session January-December 2022, 10,306 students, in the session July-June 2023, a total of 59,029 students have passed the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PG Journalism, Diploma Journalism and Certificate examinations in various faculties.