Lakshika Sahu, Raipur. Minister Ramvichar Netam has retaliated to the taunts of Congress on BJP’s Chintan Shivir through the statement that the truth of the Sai government will be revealed in 5 months. He said that Congressmen have something to say. But we are not like them who make plans and before getting down to the ground, keep in mind how to fill their pockets. Such work does not happen here. Also read: CG MORNING NEWS: Training of ministers in IIM Raipur from today, yellow alert issued for heat wave in 17 districts of the state, SET coaching will start in PRSU from tomorrow…

Minister Ramvichar Netam said that Chintan Shivirs have been held earlier as well. Our administration pays special attention that we study the entire scheme before working. As per the wish of the Chief Minister, the camp is being organised to prepare a road map for the next ten years and in which direction to work. The programme has been organised for the betterment of Chhattisgarh and implementation of schemes.

CM Vishnu Dev Sai reached IIM for the Chintan Shivir. Deputy Chief Minister Arun Saw, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma, Finance Minister OP Choudhary, Dayal Das Baghel, Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, Lakshmi Rajwade have also reached the camp.

On the doubts being expressed on the suspicious death of a young man and woman in Balrampur, Minister Ramvichar Netam said that the police has investigated seriously, but the family is not satisfied with the investigation. They have been assured of a fair investigation. A special team will be formed to investigate the case.

Minister Netam said that some people are deliberately misleading people regarding the incident. People broke the border and blocked the road illegally. Such incidents should not happen. No one is above the law. He appealed to the people to let the investigation report come to the people. If there is any fact or information, then present it to the police in a confidential manner. Keep patience, let the investigation continue and cooperate. Let us tell you that the youth was close to Minister Netam as well as being associated with Bajrang Dal.

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