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Pradeep Gupta, Kawardha. Police has taken major action against drugs. An accused has been arrested for smuggling 334 kg of ganja in a truck. The value of the seized ganja is said to be Rs 5 crore. The accused was carrying ganja secretly in a truck from Odisha to Etawah in Uttar Pradesh.

Let us tell you that the police had received information about smuggling from an informer. After which the Chilfi police set up a blockade and seized the truck and started investigation. During this period the police seized 334 kg of ganja. In the case, the police has arrested the accused Ishaq Ahmed Uttar Pradesh.

Chilfi police has registered a case against the accused under the Narcotics Act and is taking further action. Two days ago, Chilfi police had seized ganja worth more than Rs 15 crore.

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